HARD Summer 2013 Live Sets


Hard Summer 2013 has come and gone and with it, 2 days of excellent music and live sets have gone through the airwaves. With the internet, fans can relive the amazingness that is Hard Summer and listen to multiple live sets that have been downloaded to the internet. Now there are only a few right now but we’ll just have to see how many get uploaded. Here is what is out so far.

Tommy Trash

Flux Pavillion

Green Lantern

Duke Dumont


I’ll be updating this with more sets as they come up! Cheers!

Update:  Way more sets coming out!  Check them out below

Empire of the Sun

Dillion Francis

Ben West Beech


Nick Thayer


Update! Found a couple more live sets today! Check them out!


Busy P

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  1. says

    I’ve been trying really hard to find all of these. Everyday I do a google search, a soundcloud search, and get nothing. I’m hoping somebody got this and Zedd’s set

  2. jdawg0024 says

    Thank you for trying, it seems that only some DJ’s were actually Live streaming on Sirus XM. I don’t know if Zedd or Bassnectar were.