Daft Punk Leaks – “Give Life Back to Music” & “Doin’ It Right”


So this happened.  Not one but TWO songs off of Daft Punk’s new album “Random Access Memories” has been leaked today:  Doin It Right (ft. Panda Bear) and Give Life Back to Music ( feat.Nile Rodgers).  Now these leaks are only 30 seconds and only show a little peak of what’s to come, but trust me they are worth the listen.  They prove that this album is going to be one for the history books as both these songs are incredible.  First up:  “Doin it Right (ft. Nile Rodgers).”

Next up:  Give Life Back to Music ( feat.Nile Rodgers)

Update:  Sorry guys I haven’t been able to find the other.  I will keep searching and hopefully will have another copy soon!


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